Bush Brokerage
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Our Goal

We enact the wishes of our clients in a timely fashion to present you with the best options, so you can choose what's best for you. We make the whole experience rewarding.

What we provide

All these services along with sound business advice. Our law firm is at annedonnellybush.com. By law, as your broker, we cannot act as your attorney. But we can use our legal knowledge to your benefit in every step of the process. As your broker, we are committed to provide you

    • Undivided loyalty - You, and your interests, alone are paramount to us.

    • Confidentiality - Your personal information and goals are safe with us, protected by law, as well as our integrity.

    • Accounting - You will have all financial details of any property you are buying or selling, and all costs associated with any transaction.

    • Disclosure - Nothing is hidden from you: all material information will be delivered to you, promptly.

    • Obedience - Your instructions are our guide; your orders are followed to the letter.

    • Timely Care and Diligence - We do our homework to be able to properly inform you of all important information.

Free Consultation

We invite you to call us at your convenience. If you decide to move forward, we will learn what your requirements are, help you prioritize them, and create a plan to fulfill them. Each step is done with your knowledge and approval. We also can turn on a dime, if things change…. Nothing is set in stone, until you say so. From there, we will guide you through all the various steps of completing your real estate transaction.

The "real" Real Estate world

Reality in Realty: Our purpose is to serve and inform. Unlike what happens on some of the very entertaining real estate shows on TV, we will always give you honest and accurate feedback on pricing structures, realities of the current market, and relative values of properties you seek, or want to sell. We are extremely efficient, and place a huge premium on time. We will never waste yours. We believe if we have to show you more than 5 properties, we’re not doing our jobs right. We would sooner spend extra time defining and refining your requirements, and not waste hours bringing you to properties that don’t meet your “must have” list.

Mutual Commitment

We regard our obligations to you as inviolable. As we will inform you of all of crucial information, we ask our clients to do the same with us.

Our “style”

Every company has its own feel, or “corporate culture”. We are by nature, informal in manner, and precise in word and deed. We are family oriented in the broadest sense of the word. Bringing people to the place that will be their home is very rewarding to us.

The Future

We look forward to working with you.