Employment Discrimination

Employment Discrimination is Illegal
Employment discrimination laws were created to protect the rights of employees, former employees, and persons applying for jobs. If you believe that you have suffered employment discrimination or retaliation, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. As an employment discrimination law firm we are experienced in all stages of litigation and trial, and we have negotiated large settlements via mediation and arbitration.

At ADBLAW we will treat your case with the seriousness and attention to detail that you deserve. We are a family run employment discrimination firm and are available to speak to you twenty four hours a day.

We represent employees facing a wide variety of employment issues:

• Race Discrimination
• National Origin Discrimination
• Age Discrimination
• Gender Discrimination
• Pregnancy Discrimination
• Discrimination because of Religious Beliefs
• Discrimination because of Sexual Orientation
• Harassment due to race, national origin, age, gender, religious beliefs, pregnancy, sexual orientation
• Retaliation
• Denial of Medical Leave claims
• Wage violations (minimum wage, overtime and equal pay)
• Whistleblower claims
• Pension and benefit violation (ERISA) claims
• “Sabine Pilot” Termination (termination for refusing to commit an illegal act)
• Negligent hire (Employer hires abusive or discriminating employees)
• Negotiating employment contracts
• Negotiating severance packages including non-compete clauses
• EEOC and NYS Division of Human Rights matters

In addition:
• Negotiating employment contracts: We are experienced in providing legal advice to executives and professionals, including analyzing existing or prospective employment contracts, exit agreements and non-compete clauses.
• EEOC and NYS Division of Human Rights matters: If you have a case already pending in the EEOC or the NYSDHR, it may benefit you greatly to have us  review  your case.

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